We believe hearing should be monitored throughout the lifespan.

Once a hearing baseline is established, hearing can be effectively monitored, preventive measures can be implemented, and treatment can be prescribed sooner than later if hearing begins to change. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss helps you maintain the hearing that you have left as well as improve treatment outcomes.


  • Review your detailed ear, health and medical history

  • Check your ears to make sure they are clear and healthy

  • Evaluate the softest sounds you can hear

  • Determine how well you understand speech in quiet, and in noise, as needed

  • Test your eardrum function, acoustic reflex pathways, outer hair cell function, and auditory brainstem response, as needed

“The Audiology Method has such an innovative philosophy on hearing loss. Dr. Link promotes the idea that early treatment of any loss can help prevent other health issues and she is very knowledgeable about the latest research and technology. It was great to get my first hearing test in more than a decade at her beautiful office!”

— Anna Lucke Slattery, current patient