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Like Dr. Cliff, we are firm believers in making Audiology Best Practices the standard of care, not the exception. In fact, that is why Dr. Link put METHOD in the name of her practice.

About Dr. Julie Link

Dr. Julie Link is the founder and owner of The Audiology METHOD in Centennial, Colorado. She is committed to setting you up for successful outcomes by following best practices from the start of your first appointment with her. Audiology Best Practices allow you to be involved in your hearing care process & share in decision-making. Dr. Link understands that outstanding patient outcomes come from working together in partnership with one another.

This means she takes the time to listen and understand your hearing experience. In return, you receive care that respects your values, preferences, needs & perspective. Dr. Link feels incredibly humbled and inspired to be joining Dr. Cliff's community where patients can receive hearing loss treatment with dignity. She looks forward to providing you with person centered care and empowering you to tackle your unique hearing challenges.
"Partnering with a provider who follows best practices ensures you have the best opportunity to receive the maximum amount of benefit from your hearing treatment." - Dr. Julie Link
Dr Julie LInk

Are you ready to start hearing better? 

We deliver exceptional hearing care through expertly adjusted hearing aids. Dr. Link is committed to Audiology Best Practices and the highest standard of care. During your evaluation, we learn about what is most important to you so we can educate you on treatment options.

We are big believers in education and shared decision making so you will never feel pressured into treatment that isn’t the right fit for you. We’ll help you understand the options best for you so you can decide what works best for you. You will receive compassionate care & ongoing support from our top rated hearing doctor.

Joining the HearingUp was a natural fit for Dr. Link and The Audiology METHOD.

Dr. Link has always practiced to the highest standard level of care to provide her patients exceptional hearing care. She believes so firmly in the quality that Dr. Cliff's HearingUp network provides, it is her go-to resource when she is trying to find a provider for her own patients when they are traveling or are moving to another state! Dr. Link is grateful for the opportunity to serve you and upgrade your hearing experience through audiology best practices.

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