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We provide audiology services, education, and support to help you hear better and feel more self-assured, youthful, and empowered. If you’re experiencing changes in your hearing, ringing in the ear, or problems with balance, we can help. Take the first step to hearing better.



We’re experts in evaluating and treating changes in hearing. We take your lifestyle, health history, and personal goals into consideration to help you proactively manage your hearing and prevent further changes.


Ringing or Buzzing

Continuous ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in your head are known as tinnitus. We provide techniques and training to help you manage your tinnitus and feel more comfortable.



Room spinning vertigo can be debilitating when it occurs. We offer same-day treatment to improve your balance, lessen your risk of falling, and restore your confidence.

“I founded The Audiology METHOD on the belief that hearing health should be regularly monitored, care should be accessible to everyone and the treatment process should be transparent.”

—Dr. Julie Link, Au.D., Founder


I’m committed to changing the conversation on hearing health.


We specialize in youthful, high-tech hearing 

We approach audiology from a whole-person perspective. A renewed sense of confidence and feeling like yourself again are invaluable to your well-being. We understand the reluctance to address hearing changes and the fear of feeling or looking old. Did you know that two-thirds of people experiencing hearing difficulties are under the age of 65? You are not alone. Our solution is youthful, high-tech hearing, with lots of education and support along the way.


If you think you may be experiencing a change in your hearing, visit The Audiology METHOD to take the first step to hearing more confidently.

  1. Discover your current hearing level

  2. Develop a plan to reduce risk of further changes

  3. Get back to hearing your best