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By testing your hearing regularly, you can make sure you are always hearing your best.

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By treating your hearing changes early, you can make sure you keep the hearing that you have left.


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By protecting your hearing, you can make sure you don't miss a beat.


Dr. Julie Link, Au.D.

Founder of The Audiology METHOD

I founded The Audiology METHOD on the belief that hearing health should be regularly monitored, care should be accessible to everyone and the treatment process should be transparent.

— Dr. Julie Link, Au.D.


How does the METHOD help you reach your hearing goals?

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We subscribe to the "unbundled" hearing healthcare model. Unbundling allows you to see the actual cost of your audiologic services separate from any hearing devices you may need, gives you more choice, and best of all, lowers the entry price to hearing aids.

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We know taking off work to see a doctor can be a burden. We get it. And that is why we are committed to providing flexible office hours, online scheduling, and evening workshops to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

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We are dedicated to educating you on healthy hearing habits, hearing loss prevention, and comprehensive treatment plans. We encourage curiosity and enjoy helping you learn from one another.

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We believe proactive care is the best care. For many people, hearing loss is preventable. What if we worked together to better monitor and treat conditions such as loud noise exposure and diabetes to help prevent hearing loss all together?

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Evidence-Based Care

Why do hearing aids "end up in a drawer"? More often then not, they were not fit according to evidence-based best practices. Not only are we committed to following the best practices that already exist, Dr. Link is helping to write them at a national level.

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Group workshops

 Want a cost effective no commitment opportunity to ask questions, to practice skills, and to meet others navigating the same challenges? Attend one of our group rehabilitation workshops

I went in today to have my ears checked after years of suffering with hearing issues. Dr. Link was super knowledgeable and caring. She not only tested my ears on several different levels, but explained the process and how my ear worked. She truly cares about her patients, and is incredibly welcoming. She put me at ease and made me feel like she was there to truly help me.
— Beth Nelson, current patient
Terrific first experience with Dr. Link! Not only was the diagnosis incredibly thorough, it was also nice to learn about various techniques to prevent hearing loss. Great place for young people to begin conversations about hearing loss prevention and getting diagnosis/treatment started early!
— J.S., current patient

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