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If you are the kind of person who desires a personal connection with your doctor, welcome to The Audiology METHOD. We are glad you are here! Our team delights in getting to know you and your family. We will all work together to empower you to hear the best you can!
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The Method

You deserve to hear better

Hearing connects us to the world and to one another. Not hearing well triggers a feeling of disconnect and isolation. Social situations that once were fun bring dread and are exhausting. In addition to improving your hearing, we empower you to restore your sense of wholeness and youthfulness.

We look at you as a whole-person

Hearing is the only one of our senses that is on 24 hours a day. Your lifestyle take center stage in a conversation about your communication goals. We take the time to listen to your concerns and to understand your health history. Did you know hearing loss is not a natural part of the aging process? You may not be aware that high blood pressure, diabetes, and chemotherapy can influence your ability to hear well. We are committed to finding the true source of your hearing changes.

In addition to a thorough evaluation, we follow best practices and screen for balance issues, tinnitus, and depression. We offer solutions that enhance your ability to engage in life again, on your terms.

You’re not alone and it’s ok to get help

The majority of people with changes in their hearing are under the age of 65. For some, those changes start as early as adolescence. Years of listening to loud music or operating noisy equipment without protection, common health conditions, and genetics can all impact the ability to hear.

If you’re hearing differently than you used to, come in for an evaluation. Be proactive now to prevent additional loss later. Learning to hear better is a team effort, and support is part of the journey. We connect you with peers who are experiencing similar challenges, and of course we’re with you every step of the way.

Creating hearing positivity in the world

There’s a good chance you never had any role models of what good hearing hygiene looks like while you were growing up. Your parents probably saw their dentists regularly but never saw their audiologists. Your parents probably wore sunglasses while in the sun but did not wear earplugs while around loud noises. We get that hearing health is probably new to you. That is why we are committed to education and celebrating you no matter where you are on your hearing journey.

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"What I love most about my job is getting to know my patients & their families" - Dr. Julie Link

Meet our Audiologist,
Dr. Julie Link

Dr. Link was inspired to create The Audiology METHOD by the comments and suggestions made to her over the years by the patients she serves.

While she loves working with patients of all ages, Dr. Link realized early in her career that busy working adults were a severely underserved population.

Dr. Link feels incredibly humbled to be growing a community where hearing loss and hearing aids are no longer stigmatized.

Joel Ann Sims, our Patient Care Coordinator

A native Kansan, Joel Ann grew up on a farm in the very north east part of the state. Kansas State University is her alma mater where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology. After graduation, she headed to Colorado to work on a guest ranch called Lost Valley Ranch where she met her husband.

She has three sons and two lovely daughters-in-law. She is known as JoJo to her two precious grandchildren.Making connections with people is very important to her. Joel Ann is personable and gracious and has a passion to help others on their health journey.

As our Patient Care Coordinator, she loves working with Dr. Link. They make a great team as they share similar core values especially when it comes to patient care.

When not working, Joel Ann and her husband enjoy 4 Wheeling in the backcountry looking for high mountain meadows, wildflowers, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and 13,000-foot mountain views.

Some of her favorite sounds are song birds in the forest, babbling brooks flowing from the mountains, and the hoot of an owl at night.

Other favorites:
Food: Lobster Rolls
TV Series: Ted Lasso
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“Be curious, not judgmental” - Joel Ann Sims
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“Woof, woof.” - Monix, our Dogtor in Training

Monix, our Dogtor in Training

Monix is our official office greeter. He is a chill pup who loves his ball. Monix is training to be a therapy dog. Once certified, he will be able to bring his gentle comfort to the children’s hospital and retirement communities nearby.

In his free time he loves going to school, playing with his best friends Lenny and Sully, and splashing in Colorado reservoirs.

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