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Dr. Link is a certified audiologist, having completed extensive training in meeting the hearing protection needs of musicians, sound engineers, hunters and marksmen.
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Need ear impressions for In-Ear Monitors, Earplugs, Sleep Plugs, Electronic Shooter Plugs, Aviation Headsets, Swim Plugs or Earmolds, or something else custom to your ear? We can help!

Dr. Link is a Gold Circle certified audiologist having completed extensive training in meeting the needs of music industry clients, and having extensive personal experience working with musicians and sound engineers.

We take full impressions of the ears, every time.

What does this mean? All impressions are taken of the entire ear including full shell of concha, helix, helix lock, crus of the helix, tragus, and antitragus. Deep impressions beyond the second bend of ear canal to the tympanic membrane are taken to ensure maximum noise attenuation for hearing protection + clearest sound quality for direct audio input.

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