Can you hear but simply cannot understand?

Sometimes this has to do with an undiagnosed change in hearing but other times it is related to poor communication skills. Often times it is caused by both a hearing loss and years of poor communication habits. At the METHOD, we want to help you communicate better no matter what the underlying cause of your clarity problem is. That is why we use a Communication Needs Assessment, in conjunction with a hearing test, to really dive into the frustrations you are experiencing. We work with you and your frequent communication partners to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.


  • Rating how well you feel you communicate in day to day activities

  • Setting your personal communication goals and expectations

  • Measuring your individual discomfort levels to loud sounds

  • Examining your speech understanding in noise abilities

  • Evaluating your finger and hand abilities to manipulate small objects, as needed

  • Screening your vision, as needed

  • Determining your need for a communication plan, hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, group rehabilitation workshops, or medical referrals

  • Discussing your financial considerations when hearing aids are recommended

“I went in for a hearing test today after asking my spouse “huh?” and “what?” for the millionth time. It can be so frustrating and I wanted to get to the root of it. All I can say is WOW! I feel like there can be a stigma about hearing concerns when you’re so young, but Dr. Julie Link offers an approachable and comfortable experience filled with so much knowledge! She has taken Audiology to a new level with offering not only communication tips and support for those looking, but also a clear understanding of what may be causing the hearing concerns to begin with. I couldn’t see myself needing a hearing test in my early 30’s, but I am so glad I went. She was able to explain the sources of me missing conversations and even the anxiety that would become debilitating in so many situations. I am really looking forward to utilizing the tools she gave me to take back control. I can’t recommend her enough! Go see for yourself, and find out what you can do, at ANY age, to improve your sense of hearing and communication.”

— Charis Raine, current patient