Did you know your body creates wax to protect you?

However, some people just create more wax than their body can handle. When your ear becomes blocked by wax, it can cause a temporary hearing loss. In addition, if you wear hearing aids, regular maintenance of wax helps keep hearing aids working properly. We use curette, suction, and irrigation as needed to gently remove your wax. If you have chronic wax build up, we work with you to help come up with plan to keep ears clear.

I booked my hearing test appointment having not had my ears checked since I was a child! Dr. Julie put me at ease with her warm nature and expansive knowledge. We talked about the mechanics of how we process noise (new information for me!) and she also discovered I had quite the wax buildup in my right ear. With humor and a gentle touch, Dr. Julie removed the blockage, phew! My baseline test was super informative and she explained everything very clearly throughout the entire process. I highly recommend getting your baseline hearing tested with Dr. Julie, (or any other hearing concerns), all ages will absolutely benefit!
— Megan Slattery, current patient