Your life revolves around being able to hear and play music.

What are you doing to ensure you can enjoy music your entire life? Dr. Link will teach you about loud enough to feel but safe enough to keep music listening habits. Get a healthy hearing check and order your custom-made in ear monitors and hearing protection. Schedule your appointment before it is too late. You don’t want to miss a beat!

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Music Listeners

Do your earbuds fall out of your ears? 

Tired of wearing cumbersome and sweaty headphones while working out? Replace your old earbuds or headphones with a pair of custom fit earphones! By taking molds of your ears we can custom-make wired or wireless earphones to give you improved retention and comfort. Schedule your earmold impression appointment today to get started!

As a musician and great lover of music, my hearing is very important to me. For the longest time I did not think that I was causing any damage to my hearing through music, but over the past few years I have noticed some of my sensitivity start to wane. I decided it was time to see where I was exactly at and went for a visit with Dr. Link. While the apparent damage I had done was alarming, Dr. Link helped me to establish a baseline of hearing, and a method for tracking future hearing loss. Furthermore, she helped me with a game plan to stave off future hearing loss, and measures to take to avoid prolonged exposure to unhealthy volumes of music. At 30 years old, I feel confident that, with Dr. Link’s help, I can maintain a healthy level of hearing until I’m 90. Thank you Dr. Link! I look forward to our next visit.
— TJ Slattery, current patient