Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchored Implants

For some individuals, hearing aids are not sufficient to meet their hearing needs. This can occur when they lose a significant amount of clarity in their natural hearing system. It can also occur when they have chronic ear infections or atypical ear structures making it impossible for the patient to safely or comfortable wear a traditional hearing aid. At The Audiology METHOD, we complete evaluations on patients to determine if they are candidates for cochlear implants or bone anchored hearing devices. We also provide Hearing Loss Support Groups and Communication Tips and Tricks workshops. Sign up for a workshop. In addition we host free Hearing with Friends events so current cochlear implant users can connect with one another as well as cochlear implant candidates who are unsure about going through the procedure.

Dr. Link has been a caring and effective audiologist for me for years. Before I saw her I was paying thousands of dollars for the latest hearing aids without any real benefit. Dr. Link correctly evaluated my problem and referred me to specialists for a cochlear implant, which has been the only way I have been able to function. She has continued to service my hearing aid that couples with the implant. Her upbeat, cheerful personality makes me happy to go to follow up visits and give her my wholehearted endorsement. She’s great!
— Paul Cooper
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