The best way to prevent hearing loss is to start with a healthy hearing check to know where your hearing stands.

Once a hearing baseline is established, you can work on keeping your hearing throughout your lifespan. If you are exposed to loud noises such as music, gunshots, power tools, or construction, Dr. Link will educate you on the best hearing protection for your needs. We offer custom and non-custom hearing protection. She will also share free tools she uses to determine when hearing protection should be used and when you are listening at safe levels. Come in and see us to determine what hearing protection is right for you.


Hearing Protection Product Line:

Musician Plugs

Filtered Plugs

Musician In Ear Monitors

Swim Plugs

Sleep Plugs

Foam Earplugs

Wax Earplugs

Earmuffs (child and adult)

Custom-Made Plugs

Shooter Plugs


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Dr. Link provided amazing insights into hearing loss prevention and my current baseline hearing levels. Distant family history Playing drums as a child and being a frequent concert-goer had surprisingly detrimental effects. I’m much more conscious of preventative methods - don’t need hearing loss earlier than necessary! I had a great experience and Dr. Link answered all of my questions
— Robert Schoenfeld, current patient