Musician Hearing Wellness

Enjoy music today, tomorrow, and 50 years from now

Whether you play music professionally or enjoy the occasional jam session with friends, your hearing is critical to your performance. Unlike other industries that typically are not dependant on listening (think factory workers), music is unregulated which means you are the only one looking out for your own ears. 

Who is at risk?

Musicians, their crews, and venue employees are at great risk for injury to their inner ears. Injury to the inner ears can lead to permanent hearing loss and ringing of the ears. Just like athletes who regularly get physicals to stay at the peak of their performance, you can get your hearing checked to ensure you stay at the top of yours. Don’t let your career be ended by ear injury. The first step in musician hearing wellness is to get your hearing baselined, no matter how long you have been playing. Once baselined, your hearing can be monitored moving forward to make sure you are playing at levels that will not cause injury to your ears.

If you are a parent of a child looking to begin playing in a band or singing in a choir, you should have them seen for a Musician Hearing Wellness visit early on so that they can begin their musical careers with good hearing hygiene.

We can help

Dr. Link is a Gold Circle certified audiologist having completed extensive training in meeting the needs of music industry clients, and having personal experience working with musicians and sound engineers. While she will work with any in-ear monitor company, her go-to brand is Sensaphonics. Sensaphonics is the only silicone in-ear monitor company making both custom-fit earphones and earplugs that can be used for both peak performance and hearing preservation in some of the most uncompromising work environments on – and above – the planet. Click here to see a listing of some of their more famous users.

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