Beyond Hearing Aids

METHOD Communication Plans

Hearing is just one component of communication. How others speak to you, visual cues, the noise level and acoustics in your environment, and how you ask for clarification all affect communication too. At The Audiology METHOD we are committed to helping you develop comprehensive Communication Plans to address all the components of communication, not just hearing. Communication is a two way street. Hearing better involves more than just your ears. The Audiology METHOD subscribes to Dr. Dusty Jessen’s 5 Keys Communication Program to develop your comprehensive METHOD Communication Plan.


  1. Environment

  2. Speaker

  3. Listener

  4. Technology

  5. Practice

Assisted Listening Technology

While hearing aids help in many situations, there are some situations that are easier to hear than others depending on your hearing loss. The telephone can be one of these situations because you cannot use visual cues from seeing the speaker’s face over the phone. Dr. Link can help evaluate if you need assistive technology such as using speaker phone, direct streaming of phone calls into your hearing aids, or closed captioning on your phone to optimize your phone listening abilities. There are many assistive listening devices that Dr. Link considers but the most commonly recommended ones include:

  • Phone enhancement devices

  • Alerting devices

  • TV enhancement devices

  • Partner microphones

  • Telecoils (hearing loops)

Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchored Devices

For some individuals, hearing aids are not sufficient to meet their hearing needs. This can occur when they lose a significant amount of clarity in their natural hearing system. It can also occur when they have chronic ear infections or atypical ear structures making it impossible for the patient to safely or comfortable wear a traditional hearing aid. At The Audiology METHOD, we complete evaluations on patients to determine if they are candidates for cochlear implants or bone anchored hearing devices.

“Julie has a great style in her Audio-metric exams. She is friendly, professional, patient, and clear in her instructions and explanations. Her office has the latest technology and she knows to to apply the technology in the exam. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

— Mark and Maureen Dutell