Introducing Hearing with Friends!

Hearing is our only shared sense.

How we hear affects communication just as much as how we speak. When someone begins to experience hearing loss, their first reaction can often be to try to hide it. Over time, this tactic leads to loneliness, exhaustion, and withdraw from social situations. Communicating well with hearing loss actually takes effort from both sides working together to utilize good communication repair strategies.

Research shows that people do better with managing their hearing loss when they have a strong social support system. Hearing with Friends was developed by The Audiology METHOD to give individuals with hearing loss and their frequent communication partners an active and welcoming community where they can receive personalized-evidence based care from an audiologist while also having an opportunity to learning from one another.

Did you know people with untreated hearing loss make half the income of their peers over the course of their career?

Hearing with Friends allows you to meet others going through similar situations as you through free social events. Some of the best communication repair plans for work, home, and relationships develop organically when you can share your frustrations and triumphs with your peers. Every person with hearing loss has to tackle their own unique challenges but when you can bounce ideas off others with hearing loss, it allows you to craft your own creative solutions.

Hearing with Friends will help you realize you are not alone in experiencing hearing loss. Did you know one in three adults in America experience hearing loss? Hearing with Friends allows our community in Colorado to come together to normalize hearing loss.

Check out what we have in the works for Hearing with Friends 2018!


  • Listen to the sound of nature hikes

  • Beers and ears

  • Yoga for ear balance

  • Warm up your hearing with coffee and tea collective

  • Listen to the sound of music concert series

  • Test drive your tcoils at the movies

  • Cochlear implant candidate and recipient meet and greets

  • Walks to support hearing, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney, and cancer research

The Audiology METHOD offers group aural rehabilitation workshops such as Communication Tips, Hearing Loss Prevention, and Hearing Loss Support Group classes to educate, to practice, and provide more structured support.

Hearing Loss Support Group:

  • Self advocacy with hearing loss

  • Caring for others with hearing loss

  • Working with hearing loss

  • Marriage with hearing loss

  • Teens with hearing loss

Ready to join the Community?

Based near Denver’s Tech Center, The Audiology METHOD provides its community an audiology practice that empowers its neighbors to hear their best every single day of their lives. The Audiology METHOD was designed to lead with education and proactive care to make hearing health approachable for all.

"Vision connects us to things. Hearing connects us to people."

-Helen Keller